What are the lesser known signs of pancreatic cancer that should not be ignored?   Can you explain for our readers what might be happening that’s causing their signs to manifest? What should people do if they notice these signs of symptoms?

Early symptoms and signs from pancreatic cancer are vague and non-specific and therefore, they are commonly ignored or are attributed to other common illnesses. By the time more specific signs and symptoms like pain and jaundice, which yellow discoloration of eyes and skin, appear, the cancer is already in advance stages.

Early symptoms can be just a feeling of being sick, indigestion, loss of appetite, loss of weight and nausea. Sometimes these signs and symptoms can be intermittent.

These vague symptoms develop because pancreas is a part of our digestive system. Cancer of the pancreas can sometime cause obstruction to the passage of food through the intestine and/or to the flow of bile from the liver which helps in the digestion.

In my opinion, if someone notices any signs or symptoms, or someone is not feeling well, just go to the primary care physician to get a proper exam and if needed, get testing done. Remember cancers diagnosed early can be treatable and curable. 

Do signs of pancreatic cancer differ in men and women? If so, how?

Signs of pancreatic cancers are similar in both men and women

Can you please help our readers understand why pancreatic cancer tends to be aggressive?

Because of the nature of pancreatic cancer cells, they are smart cells which can survive through treatments. Another reason is that pancreatic cancers tend to spread very early in the course of disease. Also, due to the location of the pancreas deep in the abdomen, pancreatic cancer can grow without causing significant signs and symptoms and most of the time they are diagnosed in late stages.

Remember, there is no screening test for early detection of cancer of pancreas, but life style changes like smoking cessation, exercise, healthy weight and diet rich in fresh fruits and vegetables can help to reduce the risk of developing these cancers.